About those we fancy


It's about all those things I fancy to bake, make or create. I grew up with a love of cooking. It was just an innate love that stemmed from my Nan’s Vegemite on toast and many Thursday night din din’s at her house with my family. Vegemite on toast you say? It might not make your mouth water at the thought but food to me is more than just gourmet meals that tantalise and delight.

It’s the love that goes into making it, the stories it tells, the taste that encapsulates you in that moment and the everlasting memories it creates from that moment. I love the way one bite can transport you to that happy place giving you all the warm fuzzy feelings just as that very first bite did. And my Nan’s Vegemite on toast was something else let me tell you! It was slathered in butter…eery inch of it, not one corner left uncovered and then ever so carefully she would spread just the right amount of Vegemite over that golden melting butter….mmmm, the deliciousness of it all! I can smell it just typing this and I’m right back in her kitchen!

But it wasn’t just about the goodlyness of that melted butter and Vegemite melding together on that crisp, crunchy toast (yes, none of this warm bread business for me!). It was the mornings spent at my Nan’s after sleeping over, staying up late watching black and white movies with her and waking up to the kettle boiling, the faint noise of the freight train passing by from across the paddock and sitting in my nightie in her kitchen listening to her stories while she made us breakfast. It’s the connection to that very moment created by that simple piece of toast. That’s the magic that I hope to create when I cook.

I’m no chef. I haven’t been professionally trained but what I do have is years of homemade recipes and hours of cooking with and for my loved ones. I cook with my heart and create with my hands and I hope that I can create some magic moments for you and your nearest and dearest.

But this place of mine, in the big wide world of web space is not just about my baked goods.

It's also about my love for all things botanical, photographic and customisable art. I have always loved to create and not just in the kitchen. I’m an artist and I’m always hungry to learn new skills hence why I have chosen not only to share my love of cooking but also my photographic prints and customised watercolour portraits and anything else that tickles my fancy! I’m so looking forward to sharing this new journey of mine and all those things we might fancy together!

x Maj.